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Updated In April, 2018 - Over the years many people have developed blackjack systems that they claimed are guaranteed to be profitable. Many blackjack systems are confused with basic blackjack strategies. There is a big difference between a genuine blackjack system and a blackjack strategy. The strategies that teach you when to hit and call are just strategies, not systems. Blackjack card counting programs are true systems. So what is the best blackjack system in 2014? This is hard to say exactly. Where are you playing blackjack at? Some blackjack systems can be used successfully at online casinos while others can only work at brick & mortar (B&M) casinos. There is a new craze in the online gambling world that bridges the gap between offline and online blackjack play: live dealer casinos. Blackjack systems have been successfully used at live dealer online casinos because you are not physically there at the table. You can watch the hot, sexy girls deal your cards and you can hear them but they can neither see nor hear you. You can have a dozen calculators and casino odds and probabilities tools running and they will never know. I'm sure that even novice blackjack players can see the potential for profit at live dealer casinos. Plus there is another new thing at online casinos in 2014. Single deck blackjack. Few USA online casinos in 2014 offer single deck blackjack but I have compiled a list of the best. I basically put together a list of all US casinos in 2014 that offer single deck blackjack and removed any that took longer than 10 to payout. This list contains two USA friendly live dealer casinos and they both have 5-10 blackjack tables running 24/7. Which blackjack system should you use at these online casinos? I would imagine card counting would work best but there are other systems out there that can be equally profitable. I'm not 100% sure which form of blackjack has more profit potential with the use of the right blackjack strategy system. Live dealer blackjack is great for some systems and single deck blackjack at a standard online casino is good for others.

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which blackjack system should you learn?

There are a plethora of blackjack systems to choose from. I'm sure that many of you remember the MIT blackjack team that won millions in Vegas. Can you imagine what they could have done playing single deck or live dealer blackjack at the USA online casinos listed above in 2014? There are literally thousands of casinos on the Internet in 2014 so they could have used their card counting system to win a grand here and a grand there until they were receiving dozens of payout checks and money transfers and wire payouts every single day from hundreds of different online casino companies.

Before you start learning a specific blackjack system I strongly suggest you master the basic blackjack strategies and tactics, You won't be able to get the most out of a winning blackjack system if you do not understand the principles that enable said systems to win money on a regular basis. Once that is done I suggest you take things slow. Online casinos do not have teams of professional security people watching for the use of advanced blackjack systems but the few people who do keep an eye out for this stuff are not stupid. Stupidity is what catches most people. I should point out that it is not illegal to use blackjack systems at online casinos. For example, you won't have to worry about getting into trouble if you use a blackjack card counting system at a US casino that offers single deck blackjack. Many casinos due have rules pertaining to this stuff but they are just rules, not laws. I have added a screenshot of the some of the hot live dealer blackjack girls from Betonline and They will certainly make your blackjack sessions slightly more interesting!

online blackjack systems in 2014

If you make what you are doing look obvious and win a lot of money very quickly the casino may just decide that you are obviously breaking their T&C. It is better to start out small and perfect your blackjack system at the same time. You may want to setup your system to win one bet for every 75 bets. Instead of crushing the blackjack tables during your first week at an online casino and trying to cash out $20,000, it would be better to win $1,000 and then lose a few hundred back the next week before cashing out the remaining. In a week or two you can always deposit more and start over. If you have the right blackjack system in place you can hold accounts at the two US live dealer casinos and half a dozen regular casinos and start collecting payouts from each on a regular basis.

No blackjack system is guaranteed to win you money every time. Even the fancy and expensive computer apps have been known to fail. One of the things I love most about the online casinos like Betonline and Sportsbetting is that they will give you a betting rebate. You can claim 5-8% of your losing blackjack bets back on a weekly basis. Plus all of these casinos offer huge bonuses and run regular promotions. You can easily find that only 75% of your winnings come from the use of your blackjack system and the other 25% comes from the various bonuses and promotions.